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Chez Cheese


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1512 Larimer St # 24R
Denver, CO 80238
(303) 825-3122


Category: Food
Tags: grocery, cheese shops

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Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Parking: Street
Wheelchair Accessible: yes

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1 review for Chez Cheese

Chez Cheese
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I wish I had some spare change because I would spnd it here for some fine delicacies. It's the closet thing to a grocery store in LoDo for the time being, unfortunately. If you live downtown and don't have a car, try checking this place out. Unfortunately, you'll still have to schlepp your behind to the King Soopers in Capitol Hill or 14th and Speer for essentials like toilet paper, but oh well.

To indulge in some gourmet tastes, come here. They serve up some gourmet cheeses (hence the name), but there's so much more. I wanted to buy so much here. but sadly, I walked out empty handed.

What I wanted to try was some jalepeno relish (how delicious would that be on some franks?). There were many delicious looking fruit jams, spreads, and jellies. Prefect for a party or just a night at home watching movies. Also tasty crackers and chips (perhaps organic?).

I also wanted to try the assorted set of stuffed olives or maybe give them as s gift. The one that stood out to me was Cajun stuffed olives. YUM

The store also has a small selection of produce, but it looked a bit sad. If you need an apple in the middle day, come here to pick one up. It's worth a try, I suppose.

Friendly service, always a plus in my book.

Chez Cheese is worth checking out if your palette calls for only pricey, gourmet nutrients.

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Tags: grocery, cheese shops

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